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The 5:1 Initiative: Raising the Bar for Faith Transitioning

5:1 Initiative In their recent book, Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids (Zondervan, 2011), Drs. Powell & Clark layout why kids’ faith isn’t sticking. Their research indicates that somewhere between “40 to 50 percent of … Continue reading

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“But Daddy, how do our brains SHRINK?”

We were trying to explain why our 6 year old couldn’t play video games and watch TV or movies all day this past week. I explained I thought using a metaphor of eating a balanced diet of candy just wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A Spontaneous, “I Love You, Daddy.”

My only little girl came home from church camp Friday afternoon. I hadn’t seen her for a whole week and I was turning into my driveway and got a glimpse of her. She saw it was me and her face … Continue reading

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“Dad, how old do you think I need to be to play HALF LIFE 2?”

We have set several boundaries around the use of digitized media in our home as a source of entertainment. We know that studies give great warnings to not having kids younger than two watch any TV or be around digitized … Continue reading

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“God spoke to me, but not like that.”

My almost 11-year-old daughter came back from camp and suggested we play a game together. While playing the game she chose, I asked her if God had spoken to her at camp. I used a deep voice as I spoke … Continue reading

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“Daddy, I think I’ll make a good pastor someday…”

My soon to be seven year old came skipping into the kitchen and plops himself down and stated matter-of-factly, “Daddy, I’ll think I’ll make a pretty good pastor someday.”

That caught my interest so i asked, “Why is that?”

His answer was priceless: “Well, I can read the Bible really well and…I sing pretty good too!” If only that were all there was…

I believe this demonstrates the power of the church community. Andrew read the Bible for worship a few months back (February I think, on Cub Scout Sunday) and not just that Sunday but for several weeks after he heard from people how well he read the Bible that Sunday morning.

Apparently it stayed on his mind enough for his nearly seven year old brain to process it over and over enough to come to his stated conclusion.

I am impressed that he is discovering something about himself that he believes (and is supported by his church family to believe) he can do well and it includes a very important area of life.

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