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Every child is more than the sum of their gifts, talents, abilities and personality—at the core, he and she is a beloved child of God. Parents are flawed dispensers of grace to their children. But we as parents are to treat our children as the individuals God created them to be and the community of faith, the church, is to be the reinforcement of that deep personal identity they are coming to believe they are. How do we build a Christian community around our kids?

5:1 Initiative Part 2: Joshua’s Bar Barakah

Instead of a bar mitzvah, I chose the route of what is being called the bar barakah, or ‘son of the blessing’ rite for my 13 year old. Below is the outline of this time together with some explanatory notes … Continue reading

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The 5:1 Initiative: Raising the Bar for Faith Transitioning

5:1 Initiative In their recent book, Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Your Kids (Zondervan, 2011), Drs. Powell & Clark layout why kids’ faith isn’t sticking. Their research indicates that somewhere between “40 to 50 percent of … Continue reading

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